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I have a Tally T-7070 color printer. It wasn't made to be networkable. So I bought a Transware SerialWay EN tranceiver to use on my ethernet system so it could be networkable. It worked fine for a few months then stopped working. After weeks of negotiation Transware agreed to send a new motherboard. So the 2nd motherboard worked for a month and now that one dosen't work either. Transware has told me in no uncertain terms that I'm out of luck, they won't replace it and they tell me that the old motherboard works fine.

I don't know what is wrong with my system, color printer or the SerialWay En device, but I'm tired of the BS and run around.

SO... My only alternative is to use a dedicated computer as my print server so everyone on the network can print with the T-7070.

What I don't know is : How do I set up the print server so everybody on the network can print?

My only requirement is that I have to use the T-7070 print drivers.

-- Dan Meyer (, August 03, 1998

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