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Does anyone out there have a prefered style of Comp Chain for jobs less than 700ft/min?

I know Bare chain is loud, but it allows smaller loops. Plastic chains like Whisperflex & Queitlink are much quieter, but They say they require rollers in the pit above 300ft/min. Any ways around this???

ALSO Can anyon tell me the benefits of the S-hook that comes with these coated chains kits? Do you recommend leaving it off the installation? How often do they break?

-- tom (, August 03, 1998



Whisperflex comp. chains work well, and are quiet, on elevators from 300 to 700 fpm.... Of course they are stiffer and require quide rollers in the pit...But the expense is the hundreds of feet of chain...not a hand full of rollers and angle iron in the pit... And even if the roller assembly is over is required...

-- Joe McLoone (, August 12, 1999.

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