the circle seven koran can be purchased here: : LUSENET : Moorish Orthodox Web Crusades : One Thread

assalaam alaikum everyone.

i've tried contacting various orgs about purchasing a Circle Seven, but have only been successful once, with the African Islamic Mission in New York. and now here's their web address:

contact Sister Hajia Fatima of AIM Publications and she can instruct you on price and process.


-- Osman Malik Khan, AIGH (, July 31, 1998


assalaam alaikum. i recently aqcuired another copy of the Circle Seven from Sankofa Bookstore of detroit. it is 10 times a better copy than the one i had previously gotten from the AIM, and i suggest this as a source from here on out. they can be reached at

ma assalaama.


-- osman malik khan (, October 31, 1998.

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