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Perhaps James Cameron's alleged taunts of "Kate Weighs-a-Lot" during the filming of Titanic have had a delayed effect on the young actress. Gossip maven Liz Smith reports that Winslet, whose healthy attitude about having a less-than-waifish figure created a positive role model for women and girls everywhere, is on a diet. According to Liz, the 23-year-old Kate is subsisting on Brussels sprouts in order to get ready for a nude scene in Jane Campion's Holy Smoke. In the film, Winslet plays an Australian woman who flees from a religious cult, with Harvey Keitel as the older man who attempts to deprogram her. Pam Grier co-stars as Keitel's wife. But Kate's rep tells USA Today that his client isn't giving up the things she loves. "She does want to look good on camerabut she's not doing anything specific to get herself in shape for that scene," says the spokesman. Meanwhile, Liz says former Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger is eyeing the dewy Kate for the role of his love interest in his big-budgeted, special effects-laden "Satan comes to New York" actioner The End of Days. But Ahnuld, who turns 51 on Thursday, reportedly wants the actress to lose 10 pounds before filming begins. A bunch of hooey, says the rep. He says those rumors are "completely untrue," adding, "I don't know how that story got started." Kate seems to be happy with her figure, saying back in January, "Some people are naturally very slim. I'm naturally curvy. I've got child-bearing hips." She added, "I feel my responsibility as a successful English actress is to say to all those young women who are out there in turmoil about their weight'Life is short, and it's here to be lived.'"

-- Dan Draghici (, July 30, 1998


One can only wonder what Kate was thinking when she accepted this role with Harvey Keitel?

-- MICHAEL PITT (xrrg10b@PRODIGY.COM), July 31, 1998.

Kate playing "Ahnuld's" love interest??? I turn 50 in October and I wouldn't think Kate would want to play that part opposite me! But then again, I'm no "Ahnuld"! :>). I'll have to look up the old geezer the next time he comes to Hyannisport and set him straight!


-- Peter Nivling (, July 31, 1998.

GOD!!! This horse has been beaten to DEATH!!! And Kate isn't even chubby!!! She probably IS a waif, considering the camera adds 15-20 pounds. Why does the world only cater to the big-boobed and sunken-waisted? More to love, is what I say! Soft is in!!! I know more drop-dead gorgeous full-figured women than there are supermodels. This crap is RUINING pre-adolescent egos everywhere. God save our souls.

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, July 31, 1998.

Gilded Age Junkie, I agree! It's about time someone spoke up. We only see waif-like people on t.v. now, em, Gweneth Paltrow/ Kate Moss. Enough said!

-- Kelly (, September 28, 1998.

I figure that if Gweneth Paltrow had played Rose she would probably have died of hypothermia before she could be rescued.

-- Carolyn (, September 29, 1998.

Laughing my butt of Carolyn...:)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, September 30, 1998.

She is little chubbie but i think she just builed like that but i she big Born.

-- Dina Marie Packingham (, January 19, 2004.

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