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I recently purchased an HO model of a dual desiel and four passanger cars with the ACL purple colors and logo. I first saw these years ago in a Tyco catelog. Just wondered if anyone had any idea of the value. I plan on building a layout featuring ACL.

-- Duane Garrett (Duaneg7872@aol.com), July 30, 1998


It depends on what you mean by "value"! If you want to sell them or buy them they have a certain monetary value which depends on a number of things, However, what you may really be asking is: are they authentic? My advice is, don't waste your money. No one has mass produced any passenger car model which is an exact match for any ACL car. You have to scratchbuild, major kit-bash, or be content with anything that has ACL and close colors on it.

The Society has great car sides for the lightweights, but that means building a kit made by Eastern Car Works and installing the sides--not really all that difficult. However, if you want heavyweights or smooth-side rebuilds of heavyweights, you are out of lick for the time being. Now, you have to kit-bash or scratchbuild. That's what I had to do to get a train of heavyweights.

Advice: decide what locale you want to model on the ACL and find out what kind of passenger equipment went through it. Then decide what you need and some of us who are scratch builders perhaps can help you along.

Good hunting!

-- Wayne R. Long (E9_wayne@usa.net), August 16, 1998.

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