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I'm starting a list of the different paint schemes that CG box cars were known to have. I'm asking anyone that has a photo of a car that you E-mail me direct, try to tell me if possible the type of car (i.e. 1-1/2 door 40 ft box) the paint scheme (i.e. "Right Way") lettering, the date, car number, and the photographer, if known. I hope to make this list available to the members once I have enough information on a reasonable amount of cars. I'm not at this time interested in the post merger (i.e. Central of Georgia block lettering) minus the herald, that the Sou had influence over. Please send information to Thanks Todd Horton

-- Todd Horton (, July 28, 1998


Hi, Todd: The three b/w photos I have are: CG #3544, blt7/67 154,000 lb. cap'y. O/D: 60',5"L; 10',8"W; 15',1"H. Door: 10'X9',8". "The Right Way" slogan in block script with the large rectangular herald centered beneath it fills the right half; "Cushion Underframe for Safer Shipping" (in four lines of differing type styles) is the left half. Reporting marks "CG 3544" are centered under the "p's" in "Shipping". Boxcar red w/white lettering. (Page 29, "Railroad Car Journal No. 1", August, 1971, Kratville Publ.) The next car is found on the last page of the NMRA Bulletin, Feb., 2001. An interesting single-sheathed, nine panel Pratt truss design, " of 100 War Emergency cars built at AC&F's Madison Plant in Feb., 1944." Small rectangular herald squeezed into the far right-hand panel; reporting marks CG41014 (in two lines) centered in the second and third panels from the left. 40' cars, 50-ton trucks. No colors mentioned. Harold B Miller photo credit. Lastly, a rare double-sheathed ventilated car, #55856. 40'L; no other dimentional data, but it has the stature of a PRR X-29. Large rectangular herald on the right half; CG55856 (in two lines) on the left half. The photo is fuzzy, blt date not discernable. Car has six grab-irons on far right; steel Youngstown 7/7 ends w/ six-rung ladder. Also has ribbed-back wheels. No colors mentioned. The last two aforementioned cars look very modelable. Have a Happy New Year, Todd, see you at the Columbus show in February? Warm regards, Duke.

-- Duke Barron (, December 31, 2002.

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