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Can someone give me the startpoint of SAL / ACL milepost numberings? I've notice several of the three sided posts and would like to know from where they commence. Thanks

-- Al Pelham (, July 27, 1998


I may be able to answer my own question about the ACL "0" milepost location being 1/4 mile south of Pier 5 of the James River viaduct: The "old" (Richmond & Petersburg RR) ran directly north and crossed the James River downtown and connected with the RF&P and C&O (Richmond and Allegheny RR) on the north side at what is now James Center (CSX Corp. headquarters). It would make sense that mile post locations would have been measured from there originally. When the ACL/RF&P built the belt line that broke from the old R&P two miles south of Richmond at Clopton, and when the belt line was double tracked and extended from Meadow to Falling Creek (FA Tower), rather than renumber the entire railroad, they simply placed the "0" milepost five miles north of FA, about 1/4 mile south of Pier 5. This is the only explanation that makes sense.

-- Doug Riddell (, September 29, 1998.

A little twist to Larry Goolsby's answer: SAL "0" milepost (S0) used to stand directly over Main Street, Richmond, VA, at Main Street Station, but has been absent for some years. From there, 4 miles north to Hermitage Yard, miles posts carried a "N" suffix, such as S4N. Current CSX timetables show mileposts north of the former SAL "0" as SRN 0 to SRN 4 of the Bellwood Subdivision, (presumably for S-Line, Richmond, North). While ACL ownership of the main line began in the middle of the James River viaduct (Pier 5), the ACL "0" milepost (A0) is located about 1/4 mile south of the end of the bridge. Why? No one can tell me. CSX now shows milepost locations north of the ACL "0" mileposts as ARN 0 to ARN 3.3 (AY), (presumably A-Line Richmond North).

-- Doug Riddell (, August 01, 1998.

I can say ditto to mr. goolsby's comment regarding the task of adding one of the ACL mileposts to one's collection. I live in Pollocksville, NC on the now abandoned former ACL/SCL New Bern Subdivision (abandoned in the early 1980's). I was fortunate enough to have a contact and access to a backhoe to lift both a milepost and a whistlepost out of the ground, transport them about 5 miles to my residence and place them side by side into the ground. The whistlepost will weigh in excess of 500 lbs. and the milepost; try a little over 1,000 lbs. Fortunately, both were in very good condition. The milepost number is ACB 322. one will also note on the ACL (the triangular posts) that a number is stamped into the concrete on the backside. The stamped number tells you the number of rail miles from the junction from which a given line runs. My post has the number W 78 on it, indicating that particular milepost was located 78 miles from Wilmington, NC. Each post was made especially for a given location. Hopefully, this additional info. will also be helpful.

-- david r. smith (, July 29, 1998.

Both railroads numbered their mileposts from Richmond south. The ACL 3-sided concrete mileposts were installed around the 1940s. Note to anyone thinking of taking one home (from an abandoned line only, of course)--there is as much of the post in the ground as above ground, so count on some very heavy lifting.

-- Larry Goolsby (, July 27, 1998.

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