Uhhhhhh, how long does it take to make a new SSS?

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If it's really that difficult, everyone send me $20 and i'll throw a server next to the water heater.

jezus junked up krispies, it's not that hard!!!! this bulletin board thing won't fly, it lacks simplicity. and therefore, it now lacks community. i sorta miss neal schon's engineer with the fetish for monster cables


-- jfs (ai3000jfs@aol.com), July 27, 1998


I dunno, but I sure hope it flies soon. And I hope that the participation was as fun and community-like (is that proper English??) as it was beforehand. 'Course, a little more participation on this board would bring back some of the community feel that existed previously...I mean, I think it's a little more to do with the configuration of the messages on a computer screen that instills a community vibe, right?

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (ElevenShadows@theeleventhhour.com), July 30, 1998.

I don't enginner for Neal Schon, but I do like Monstor cable. I also have a friend who's brother is playing drums with Forigner on the road right now...

-- Jay Kahrs (BrownSnd14@aol.com), August 04, 1998.

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