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What is the size of the ship? What harbour did it departure from? How many lifeboats? How many people rescued-male and female? Who designed the ship? Who was the captain? What was the ship yard that manufactured the ship? Why was it called "RMS" Titanic instead of "HMS"?

-- Tracy Kuhn (kuhns@iafrica.com), July 26, 1998


To save you the trouble of looking through the extensive list of previous threads which probably have these answers, in various places:

882.5 ft. long 92.5 ft. wide 46,328 gross tons

Southampton, England

20 lifeboats (16 regular, 4 collapsible)

705 rescued out 2201 total people 338 men, 316 women, 57 children

Thomas Andrews

EJ Smith

Harland and Wolff Ltd, shipbuilders

RMS = Royal Mail Steamer

Was this a quiz? Did I get 100%?

-- Thomas Shoebotham (cathytom@ix.netcom.com), July 26, 1998.

Just to follow up on Tom's 100% correct response, 'HMS' stands for 'His (or Her) Majesty's Ship,' and has always been used strictly by ships of the British Royal Navy. Variations of 'HMS' are (or used to be) used by naval vessels of the British Commonewealth nations, such as 'HMAS' for Australian naval vessels.

'RMS' was an honorific bestowed on British commercial ships used for transporting mail.


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), July 26, 1998.

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