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I've heard that people have successfully converted Kodak flashbulb holders to be used with modern electronic flash units (i.e., ones with hot shoes). How is this done (both for two post (UK) and three post (US) holders)? Is there a trick to it? Does the camera (Brownie) need to be modified in any way?


Larry W. Haak

-- Larry Haak (, July 22, 1998


Re: 'M' to 'X' sync delay circuit

After doing some more research, I found out that in order to sync up the electronic flash with the shutter you need to add a delay between the flash circuit on the camera and the electronic flash. While I have not tried it yet, I found a delay circuit at the following URL:

Any additional info along these lines would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


-- Larry Haak (, August 12, 1998.

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