Titanic US box office up in its 31st week!

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Titanics 31st week of release saw the US box office rise to 1.3 million due to its release into discount movie theaters. Its current domestic box office stands at 590.5 million. Titanic is still playing in a handful of first run theaters in the US. The per screen average of 1500 or so was higher then many first run films including Truman Show,Out Of Sight,X Files,Six Days among others.

-- michael pitt (XRRG10B@prodigy.com), July 20, 1998


Weekend #31: #13 TITANIC (on 867 screens): $1,337,493; $1,543/screen; 230% increase from last weekend; Total BO: 590,489,873

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), July 20, 1998.

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