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I compete in swimming and (in the off-season) missed a practice without calling my coach so now I have to write a paper about the health benefits of swimming. Can anyone help me?

-- Shawn Borich (borich@u-n-i.net), July 20, 1998


~stress on joints decreases about 90% in the water (good for rehab) ~aerobically works heart and improves cardio strength not to mention just all around physical strength from water resistance ~good environment for stretches difficult on land ~it feels good! de-stresser. refreshing, etc. ~increase blood circulation ~great social activity or can be done alone ~a life-saving skill! ~builds endurance. ~promotes weightloss. Hope this helps. :o)

-- goody (goodsped@hotmail.com), December 21, 2000.

What does the swimming for your breathing management? I have an asthma and I a karate student but when summer comes I start having breathing problems and lak of stamina that why I get depressed and that realy stress me out. So do you think is it good for asthma ? Is it good for lungs capacity ?

-- Ayman ELSHIEKH (masaad2001@yahoo.com), June 19, 2001.

Look at www.archwaterworks.com/poolife/1998/page34.htm there it list a couple of health benefits

-- Jeff Carpenter (JCarpenter78@hotmail.com), December 17, 2001.

water lubricates better(sex in water)than vasiline

-- Harry Ballsonya (porn*@playboy.com), December 18, 2001.

Tones your body ... makes u look / feel a lot better! Cheers Ani.

-- Ani palat (anipalat@yahoo.com), February 20, 2002.

just think about what you have been taught by your coach and why you do what you do...that's what your coach wants to hear.....it would show that you actually learnt something from the lessons.

-- michael star (michaeltbird@hotmail.com), April 15, 2002.

It is the king of exercises and espicially for those with sport injuries

-- Haitham Dahlan (dahlanjr@yahoo.com), June 27, 2002.

HI, I love to swim, due to the fact that we always had a pool when I was growing up. Now I had to get a pool again I have a kd portable pool 16 x 4. I make the most out of my pool, I have been doing a water work out since July, now I am so bummed out cause the winter is on the way.... :( I need to keep swimming cause its so good for you!! I looked into an "Endless Swimming Pool" I'ts a great pool but its very expensive 17K ....its for the house or outside 8x15 its great for swimmers, check it out incase you never heard of them ..they will send you a video wish is great, unfortunatley I cant afford this pool. He mentioned in the video it keeps up your resistance against colds.

-- shari iler (si129@aol.com), August 28, 2002.

I am competing in the Miss Universe-Pageant and I find that swimming 20-30 laps 4 days a week can tone and firm up almost all the important body parts that a pageant judges: arms, legs, waist, stomach. Not only does it tone you up, but it makes you feel good and helps cardiovascular function. Swimming brings optimum benefits!

-- Hazel Lorraine (hazelor@yahoo.com), October 08, 2002.

I try to swim every day, it defintely helps knee problems,muscle pains and improves blood circulation. I don't like swimming in indoor pools because of steam and bacteria. I do like outdoor pools, but not ocean type pools in winter because they can be too cold and cause body cramps. Good posts here.

-- Jill Zanickow (jillzanickow@hotmail.com), October 10, 2002.

It makes the blood vessels more flexible by increasing bloodflow, and strengthens the heart, improving endurance

-- Yo Shikara (SoSo@yamean.net), December 15, 2002.

Unlike many sports, swimming is a sport you can continue throughout life.

-- Dedria McKinney (McKins512@aol.com), March 04, 2003.


-- hffhxhf (fffh@hg.vn), March 09, 2003.

Swimming is a wonderful form of exercise. It promotes wellbeing in many ways. A good workout in the pool is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness and it thus leads to an increase in endurance. This can benefit sufferers of High Blood Pressure. It also leads to weight loss which is also of benefit to High Blood Pressure sufferers. The manifold physical benefits in turn lead to psychological benefits which results in an overall well-rounded individual. The only negative aspect which I can think of is the possibility of catching verrucae, a common condition amongst swimmers, especially in public heated indoor pools. This can be avoided however by wearing anti-verruca 'Guard Socks'. All in all swimming is a fantastic activity that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

-- Malachy McGuone (malachy@mcguone.fsnet.co.uk), March 11, 2003.

I took up swimming in my forties.I start my day at 6AM with swimming in my club pool.At this hour normally no phone calls, engagements, programmes. Getting ready is for swimming is very easy compared to other activities.I had a serious accident last year injuring my head and a major fracture to left tibia. I understand that my BP became normal very fast compared to my other friends who were also involved in the accident. An intramedullary pin was inserted in left tibia. I revived my swimming habit after i started walking. Now I am perfectly normal. Doctors attribute quite a bit of my recovery to my habit of swimming regularly.

-- nagaraj (jn@vsnl.com), April 26, 2003.

What other sport gives you a great workout, is low impact, and, if you're in an outdoor pool (especially in Southern California)you can work on you tan at the same time??!!! SWIMMING!

-- Rob Vezina (robvezina@aol.com), June 13, 2003.

I'm 45 and have been swimming regularly (1800 yds 5 days a week)for over five years now. I am addicted to the feeling of well being I get after my 43 minute swim. I can eat all that I want (with plenty of fruit and veggies of course) and never gain weight. I've noticed a significant increase in my muscle tone and endurance. My resting pulse is 48 beats per min and blood pressure is 110/65. Swimming IS the fountain of youth!

-- Rick Weinstein (rickw@gobrainstorm.net), July 24, 2003.

im 23 and swim 5 times a week. its the best form of non impact sport. building your heart muscles and endurance. an excellent conditioning exercise and should be the starting point for anyone who wants to get fit.

-- michael keane (englebertandmike@aol.com), August 07, 2003.

i am a lifeguard at an indoor pool, and the benefits you get from swimming are great. not only are you getting healthier and all of the above stated. but you also get involved with your community.

-- chris (cav32100123@yahoo.com), September 23, 2003.

I'm a 33 year old who's always had a fear of water. After failing a swimming class in college I finally got up the nerve to take an Adult Learn to Swim class and now one year later I am able to swim free style and so several laps on a daily basis. Within a two month period and very small changes to my diet (very very small changes at that!) I have managed to lose 15 lbs and greatly improve muscle tone in both my arms and legs. I am more confident and feel stronger as well. My self esteem is improved and I can finally classify myself as a "SWIMMER". This means the world to me! This is the only form of exercise that I haven't quit on. You can get a full cardiovascular workout less the sweat. It's a cool and refreshing treat. And it's an activity I can enjoy with my kids or my grandmother!

-- Sandy Clare (jahmal28@hotmail.com), October 08, 2003.

I used to play a lot of squash but found that it was too wearing after 35. I am 49 now and swim 2-3 times a week, 1000 metres. It is great for muscle tone and is symmetric, as opposed to squash which is assymetric. I have flat feet, so running is painful. I can recommend swimming to EVERYONE. I regularly meet 80 year olds at the local municipal pool who look as if they are 50 or younger. I want to be like that when I am 80 too!

-- Steve Pickering (steve0412@msn.com), October 18, 2003.

hey, i've been a competive swimmer for 9 years now and im only 16. its the only thing ive ever loved and ever felt i could be myself at. many of my friends have gone far as the canadian olympic team and i have some at national level like me. swiming has given the best friendships ive ever had and has been a release for my anger. only last year did i relieze that it would save my life too. i became very severly ill and hospitalized and swimming actually saved my life. i love the sport and think its the best thing ever!

-- tj (bjmarlatt@hotmail.com), December 02, 2003.

I swim whenever I can out of my busy life between work and play. I swim indoors and find that it tones all the essential areas that may require attention. I have lived near water my entire life, and was lucjy enough to have a pool at my childhood home. We lived one block from the beach also, so I water and swimming is in my blood. I swimm 100 lengths non stop in a 25metre pool which takes me a couple of minutes short of an hour. I love it. It is relaxing and every muscle in your body is used.

-- chlarise carter (ccarter19@hotmail.com), February 01, 2004.

swimming regularly helps burn the extra calories and will help increase your stamina and endurance to do your daily activities. You will also notice that you will breath slower and heart beats slower

-- Linn Walt (stitchofss@yahoo.com), February 17, 2004.

Growing up I was very involved in swimming - both competitive & synchronized. But when I was a teenager I quit basically all of my extra-curricular activities, swimming included. Then, after almost 10 years of not swimming, I sustained a pretty bad calf injury, and was unable to run, so I started swimming again.

Now I am hooked. I swim 2000 metres 5 days a week, and 2500 metres 1 day a week. Even though my calf injury is now healed, I only run a couple days a week now, because swimming has all of the cardio benefits of running, without the high-impact issues to deal with.


-- Lisa (bfath@shaw.ca), March 30, 2004.

I have been swimming for 6 years (I am now 15) and it has opend a door for me to do anything I want. The dicipline of swimming 6,000 to 8,000 yards, 6 days a week has put me in top physical condition. My success in my first year of softball was contributed by my coach to swimming. It also is an amazing stress reliever. You are able to work out all your days trials and tribulations during a practice, all the while benifiting your self physically. Before Zones this past year I severely dislocated my shoulder twice (not swimming) but of course it set me back. My doctor said I would be able to swim in 6 months and Zones was aony four months away, the benifits I gainde from swimming I realized were not limited to the pool. With the morals I learned from swimming I was able to follow close instructions from my coach and doctor and make it to Zones. Swimming is the most wonderful form of excersise !

-- Jessica B (j2bro@yahoo.com), March 31, 2004.

Swimming helps peripheral blood circulation and increases lung capacity. I would highly recommend taking up swimming if you are an X- smoker. The low impact of swimming can be beneficial especially in old age when running can wear at joints and cartilage.

-- Alex Smith (heistystyle@yahoo.com), April 03, 2004.

Just keep swimming....Just keep swimming....What do we do, we SWIIIIM

-- TJ (tjfreestyle@comcast.net), April 20, 2004.

I'm 38 years old and began swimming last year. I gave it up 20 years ago because I always worked out at a gym. Last year, I had spinal surgery due to a accident. Every exercise I did (treadmill, exercise bike etc.) hurt my back with the sole exception of swimming. Thanks to swimming, I was able to tone up, build up my lower back muscle after spinal surgery, lose weight and relieve stress etc. I now swim 5 times a week for one hour (30-40 laps) and more importantly, it doesn't hurt my back etc. If you ever had surgery or suffer from a sports related injury, I highly advise swimming!!! It's the best form of exercise. I LOVE IT!!! :-)

-- Jackie Simone (JSimone2@hotmail.com), April 26, 2004.

Swimming can burn up to 790 calories per hour, while cycling for an hour burns 720, and so does running.

-- Maria (sleepy_one77@hotmail.com), February 05, 2005.

does swimming also build up muscle mass ? i started swimming but im afraid that i will lose weight -_-v i want to gain weight though is it possible ?

-- David L (shl_dvd_00@hotmail.com), February 07, 2005.

I'd been depressed for months. No interest in anything. My back hurt like mad all the time. I was tired all the time. My thoughts were fuzzy anfd my memory poor. I went for a swim at an indoor public pool yeterday. Though only able to swim about 10 minutes before being completely winded, what a revelation. No back pain for the rest of the day. Much clearer mind. Depression gone. Even went out to a show that evening, something I'd have talked myself out of before. Can't wait to go back and swim some more today.

-- Bert Mon Blah (blah @ bert.com), March 03, 2005.

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