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As an FSU rowing has-been, I would love to be able to get in touch with some of the people with whom I rowed in college. It would be helpful for all of us alumni to see a list of past FSU rowers and their email address and/or phone numbers. Is such a list in this site's future? :)

-- Janet Hilder (, July 20, 1998


Hi Janet,

We are currently working on getting a list of all our alumni rowers. Hopefully we will be able to mail that list out with a copy of our newsletter and also post the list on the web page. We have talk to a few of the alumni rowers, but haven't had much luck with getting other peoples addresses from them. If you know any addresses of alumni or if you know of someone who does, please let us know. We really would like to keep everyone involved and informed, so please keep checking this page and email us your address so we can keep in touch. Thanks for your continued interest in the crew.

-- Alan Rhodes - FSU Crew President (, July 20, 1998.

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