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Upon driving south on Interstate 85 on the VA/NC border through Lake Gaston, I spotted an enormous train trestle spanning the lake. Is this the former SAL route from Richmond to Norlina or is it another Norfolk-Southern line?

-- Andrew Callo (, July 19, 1998


The SAL Mainline bridge you are referring to is still there and actually in very good shape to have been abandoned as long as it has. I am not sure of the exact year. The telegraph poles are still intact. It is complete with everything but the rails. I was just there this past weekend 6/15/02 taking a few pictuers.

-- Frank Harris (, June 21, 2002.

East of I-85 is the former SAL Norlina Subdivision bridge (or what's left of it.) To the north was Bracey, and to the south was Pascal.

-- Doug Riddell (, July 21, 1998.

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