Rathole industries?

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I am modeling th Rathole located in the second district of the Kentuky Division. I have various videos, articles and a time table. Althought we can not be 100 percent accurate I am trying to do the industries justice. Any info on todays or old industries would be appreciated. I have a special interest in the Kingsford Plant near Burnside. Thank you!

-- Patrick Thoney (thoney@werewolf.net), July 18, 1998


Patrick--I'll see if I can get an address for J.D. Smith. He lives in N. Va. and models the Rathole also. I saw him last weekend and he was grinning ear-to-ear. He just got back form a visit there and just happened to be on the site when the wrecking crews were tossing out the old CTC panel--yep he brought it back alive! How would that fit into your layout?

-- Larry Puckett (lpuckett@geocities.com), August 10, 1998.

Coal is a big industry around Oneida,TN.Autos are big around Georgetown,KY.A Toyata plant is located there.Intermodal trains,lots of them,run on the CNO&TP.Want to know anything else about the CNO&TP,just E-Mail me.

-- John Welch (brozzer@webtv.net), December 20, 1998.

Patrick: The CNO&TP 2nd Dist. has many on-line customers, new and old. At the interchange with the Kentucky and Tennessee Railway in Stearns, there are two new industries that are switched and shipped via the K&T for Norfolk Southern. One of them is LeSportsac, Inc., which makes hand bags and other sports apparell. They are switched and loaded using the "Southern Serves the South" box cars that we have on lease from NS. Another industry is Milliken's American Bag Corporation, which relies heavily on the Triple Crown RoadRailer, to ship their products of automobile SRS airbags. There is a sawmill in Winfield, Tn., that has been abandoned, but was once served by the SR. Photos are available upon request, when you need them. The Hartco Plant at Oneida, Tn., is still switched by NS (nee` SR) next to the NS's wayside radio station. I hope that I have helped you in anyway I can. If I may be of further assistance, my e-mail address is above..

Jerry D. Strunk, dispatcher Kentucky and Tennessee Railway 04/26/1999

-- Jerry D. Strunk (norfolksouthern@usa.net), April 26, 1999.

Pat: I grew up in Somerset, about ten miles from the Kingsford plant you mentioned. There used to be a lot of industry in the area until the mid-80's. Lear Seigler used to have a car-seat plant in Somerset until the early 80's. GE had a factory there also running full bore until the early 80's as well. The GE plant is still there, but at reduced capacity, I believe. The GE plant supported the lighting products division - don't quote me on that. Also Tecumseh has a small engine plant in the area. I'm afraid I don't have anymore info on Kingsford, except that that plant was still up and running last I knew.

Also, I'm pretty sure GE (Cincinnati) used to ship jet engines through that district down into Atlanta and the Carolinas. Hope this helps.

-- Jeff Gulock (jsg5415@att.net), April 26, 2000.

my grandfather was a brakeman, he run from danville ky too oakdale tn, his name was EZRA ROSE, he died in 1965, sure would like too hear from anyone that worked on that line...

-- gerald jeffers (jessiej@twlakes.net), January 10, 2001.

Speaking of coal, a coal train that comes from the CSX in E. Ky runs up to NS to the coal burning power plant that is owned by KU(LG&E company)in Burgin, KY.

Also NS has an industry track in Danville, Ky that runs cars to American Greetings and RR Donnelley. Phillips Lighting is served by NS as well as(in Kentucky): Toyota in Georgetown, Kingsford in Burnside, Dixie Cup in Lexington.

They also provide railcar shipments for the RJ Corman Versailles Branch(ex Lexington and Ohio RR, formerly the Louisville Southern).

-- cnotpMP93.5 (jbri2003@qx.net), December 18, 2003.

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