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Russ Kelly's original note said:

A few weeks ago I started a thread on contingency planning. Many of you responded with your comments and some good links. Some through the discussion group, and some privately. I collected all of these comments and put the text portions into one large file for my reference.

Today as I was reading those comments, I realized I should share them with all of you. But they are far too large to simply attach or send one at a time to those that want. So, I have put them on a web page for all to see and benefit from. The really sad part of it is that with just a couple of exceptions, I snipped out the names of those that were so generous to pass along your comments. I'll give you the web site where you can see your collective works, and if you see your comments in there, please send along your name to me so I can give you credit at the top of the web page. ok? Thanks

Russ Kelly

The top of the web page says:


CREDITS TO: Tom Crossan, Carole Edrich, and Mark Loaney. Steve Wakeland for his risk matrix.

SOURCES: Information was obtained from a variety of internet sites, publications, journals, user groups, discussion groups, and informed opinion from professionals knowledgeable in their field. Russ Kelly Associates makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or validity of content.

-- Bill (, July 18, 1998

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