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Where can I find photographs or drawings of Atlanta Terminal Station? It's an architecturally interesting building, but pictures of it aren't readily available...

Thank you for your help.


-- Adrian Sherrill (, July 17, 1998


Although it shows Terminal station in the distance, Andrew Harmantas' wonderful painting that is on the cover of J Parker Lamb's "Classic Diesels of the South" does the grand old building (and it's trains) justice. I twice boarded trains from this station when I was a boy in the early 1960s. Greg Hodges Richmond

-- Greg Hodges (, September 04, 1998.

Adrian, You may want to try the Atlanta History Center. They have a web page. That would at least be a good place to start. I hope this helps. Mike.

-- Mike Smith (, January 18, 1999.

Adrian, To follow up, the web address for the Atlanta History Center is Good luck! Mike

-- Mike Smith (, January 18, 1999.

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