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Is the Media biased against straight white males? It seem's that if you're not a Gay, Blind Cuban whale you don't exist. There seems to be a whole lot of uncritical acceptance of quotes and attitudes if it comes from a lesbian, gay, black,poor perspective.White males have no monopoly on stupidity and blindness. The Media is playing an unwitting role in turning everyone against each other, instead of racial tolerance,I see a lot of racial intolerance. There is a strong level of anti-semitism amongst black youth, a lot of so-called minorities hate gays.There are severe splinters amongst Gays, Lesbians. This area is very hypocritical, it sympathises with working people on the surface but treat us like garbage in rea l life. Wake up and do your job!

-- steve (, July 17, 1998


i would rather cuddle than worry about an over domineering partner making my life difficult.

-- scared little girl (, October 16, 2002.

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