Where is Far Arden ?

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Singer/poet Jim Morrison of the 1960's musical band the doors makes cryptic references to a place called :' Far Arden' in one or more of his songs and poems in An American Prayer : a book of poems and essays that Mr.Morrison wrote .

i wonder where Far Arden is .

i saw on in an Atlas a name of a town in Nevada called Arden Hills .

Is Arden Hills Far Arden ?

-- Jay Leary (mudstones@aol.com), July 17, 1998



might as well be. Go there and see if it is. IF it is come back and tell us, then maybe we will all meet there.

-- arden (arden@arden.arden), July 19, 1998.

Far Arden Discussion

If i ever get a chance to go to Arden Hills and if i ever get access to a computer afterwards and if this Internet site is [hopefully] still approachable and if scheduling allows and all the faculties are sound , i will let you all know if Arden Hills is the Far Arden that poet Jim Morrison referred to and i would be happy to meet everyone there .

The references to Far Arden is probably the most thought-provoking reference in Morrison's poems.

The specific line where Jim Morrison says , ' i am come from Far Arden with new songs and dances' is amazing .

-- Jay (mudstones@aol.com.), August 03, 1998.

Far Arden might connect to the "Forest of Arden" in Shakespeare's "As You Like It," where it is described as, and proves to be, an environment conducive to metamorphosis and enchantment, like the forest in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." There is no known "Forest of Arden" on any map, but Shakespeare's mother's maiden name was Arden -- make of that what you will.

-- Buruq El Hashem (dmsteele54@hotmail.com), November 07, 1999.

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