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I have to submit a report by 24th July on: "The future of public sculpture is sound; due to the realisation that buildings and other projects need art to make them user friendly" discussing this statement with regards to Australian -war memorials -fountains -commemorative sculptures -garden sculpture -gallery sculpture PLEASE HELP ME THIS IS URGENT!! I'd appreciate it heaps.

-- Tuscany King (nking10@scu,, July 15, 1998


war memorials often have drinking fountains below the list of fallen or serving soldiers i believe this to be user friendly. it provides a drink while the person bows their head for a sip in respect to the names. have a look at bert flugelman's artwork, he is an australian artist whostudied at the university of wollongong, he has a lot of public art in australia, namely his artwork in martin place {sydney} which was quite controversial. a war memorial is simply a tombstone that you can visit anywhere around the world to commemmorate any soldier or person involved in te war.

-- annaliese okeefe (, May 21, 2001.

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