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I contacted my hosting company and they informed me that they do not allow cgi scripts to be run thru the secure server, only a script called I am using Advanced Internet Technologies, is anyone else using this company and if so, how did you get this S-Mart thing to work.... Its really driving me bonkers. Thanks in advance for any kind of help sar

-- Steve Rush (, July 13, 1998


There are a million ways to skin a cat. We host 10 separate S-mart installations, and each one is installed differently. 1)The best solution (easiest) is to install the whole script on the SSL server, or 2)Install on the SSL(works)

If all else fails:look at ""

We host over 125 shopping carts, Stay with S-mart as it runs without fail (once it is setup properly.

Or consider hosting with us. Wish you luck, Greg Swofford

-- Gregory Swofford (, July 13, 1998.

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