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Okay, I read this in an Australian magazine. Apparently several Titanic sequels are being tossed around and the likely one is as follows:

Jack is rescued by a lifeboat shortly after Rose lets him go. He has amnesia and doesn't remember even being on the Titanic. Rose and he meet up by chance several years later in France during World War One with him as a soldier and her as a nurse. In true Titanic melodramatic fashion, Rose is killed by a sniper and they are parted again. The funny thing is, they don't even try to explain how Rose lived to be the 101 year old survivor in the original Titanic.

-- Emma (foo@bar.com.au), July 12, 1998


Anything for a buck, huh? Surely, those with common sense at Paramount would prevail if they're seriously considering this, cause here's the thing: JACK DIED!! That's part of what made Titanic so moving. To cheapen the movie with a sequel would dishonor the original. This is one movie that stands on it's own and should be left alone.

-- mike (foo@bar.com), July 13, 1998.

Has anyone noticed that according to most accounts of the sinking aftermath, four people were rescued by lifeboat 14; in the movie, it is mentioned that six people were rescued.

Rose would be the fifth person rescued, plus an unknown sixth person who seems to be the logical character to base a (potential) sequel upon. It seems to be a 'trapdoor' left by Cameron.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicShack@yahoo.com), July 14, 1998.


From Lynch and Marschall's "Illustrated History," boat 14 under Fifth Officer Lowe, did indeed pull four swimmers from the water (one, a passenger, died before morning). Some time earlier, though, boat 4 under QM Walter Perkis, pulled five swimmers out of the water, although only two lived until morning. So, if you do some really squirrely math, you can come up with six.


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), July 14, 1998.

In the movie, Old Rose does say that six were pulled from the water, which is historically correct. I don't think she specified which lifeboat they were pulled into. Does anyone know for sure??

-- Misty Chacon (whatever@something.net), July 16, 1998.

I think that a sequel to Titanic would be kind of neat. I don't think, however that this story line would be interesting. Maybe it should be like Rose's children's story. Rose would die at the beginning... like it could show her funeral or something and then lead to her children's life long dream to find the hope diamond. Her daughter could fall in love with someone on the crew to find the diamond and he could die in a shark attack or something. At the end she would find the diamond under Jack's body or something. (that would be cool!!) I don't know...just a suggestion. bye! -angie :)

-- angie (nucheerkat@netscape.net), November 29, 2002.

If there is to be a Titanic sequel I don't think it would be the same without the Titanic itself. Wherever the suposed story is coming from it doesn't seem to interesting. However, I've never really wanted the film to end. Maybe a sequel could follow after Rose goes back to the ship with Jack and some treasure hunter guy is trying to bring the Titanic to the surface. Or maybe the story goes back to the actual ship (you know in 1912) and it tells like these untold stories of different characters; the only black man and his family, that rich man and wife who laying in the bed as the water came in, the band, more on jack and rose's past, and little cora and her father who were just left out til' the end of the movie. Or personaly just leave it alone. XOXOXOXO

-- Carol Potter (CPotter@AOL.com), February 10, 2004.

james cameron did ghosts of the abyss that was a imax 3d documentary, but thats all he has planned, he's mentioned nothing about any follow up plot lines, I think we was considering doing another titanic movie following another passengers story.

-- Daniel Maher (dmaherishere@hotmail.com), April 14, 2004.

*looks at last post* April 14 :O

omg.. you just burst my bubble dude. Uncool.

Later, Ashley

**Don't worry. I'll still check back here later *shrugs* There's more activity going on here than at other threads like this one.

-- Ashley (Antimyopia@hotmail.com), September 30, 2004.

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