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My secure server is on a separate machine. When the script is installed on the non-secure server, everything works fine. If I make the call to the secure server href="">Purchase Items in Cart, all I get back is the perl script itself. Does anyone have any ideas???

-- Steve Rush (, July 12, 1998


Looks to me that you have an AIT server. I do and I have the same problem. They do not allow custom scripts on the "free" secure server they include with their sites. You basically have a mail script and that's it.

To make it work, you are going to have to buy your own certificate ($100 to $350) to enable custom scripts. I am doing it now for mine.

Good luck.

-- Todd Miller (, August 14, 1998.

I had this same problem...all i had to do was email my provider ask ask them to give me CGi through SSL .... by default setup you cant pull cgi's through your has to be turned on for you.

-- me (, June 21, 2000.

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