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Does anyone know of any interesting (or any other) artifacts found on the titanic??? Please answer a.s.a.p. I am actually quite deparate. If you know of any websites containing info on Titanic *artifacts* please include them in your e mail. Cheers

-- Marianne Visser (, July 11, 1998


Hi, there are over 5000 items that have been raised from the real Titanic,and there is a great TIME WARNER BOOK out on the subject with many photos of the actual items. I'm not sure of the name of the book I think it is by a Susan Weills? Check out the Titanic section in your local book store.

-- michael pitt (, July 11, 1998.

Also, there's a great book I bought some months ago edited by Susan Wels/ Discovery Channel, "Titanic - Legacy of the World Greatest Ocean Liner." It's the best collectible on Titanic I've ever seen, wonderful pictures and tons of artifacts in vivid images, you can even read some postcards they've found. It ain't cheap, but if you can't afford to buy it, at least read it at a book store, it's great!!!

-- Dan Draghici (, July 11, 1998.

Dan, I too have bought that book. It is truly an amazing combination of TITANIC stuff. I too highly reccomend anyone who can afford it to buy it. you will not be sorry.

-- Kate (, July 11, 1998.

i dont no?
i too are looking for informaition on found artifacts on the titanic
but i have no idea

-- jayme yamumsaman (, March 28, 2004.

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