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I know most of you(and me) have seen titanic many MANY times. We all have the movie practically memorized! Well, these past couple of weeks i have been in italy. I had a really great time, and when we were in rome, i saw a movie theater playing titanic. I told and begged my parents that my trip would not be complete without seeing the movie there for my 15th time. They argued that i would not understand it, and i told them i had it memorized. It was such a great experience! I highly reccomend if anyof you can to go see this movie in another language. It was truly amazing.

-- Kate (, July 10, 1998


Right on sister,keep going out to see Tianic in whatever state or country you may be visiting! How many theaters is Tianic still playing in your area and are they first run sites?

-- michael pitt (, July 10, 1998.

So Kate:

"Sono re del mondo!!! WoooWooo!!!"

"Io t'amo, Jack!"


-- Thomas Shoebotham (, July 11, 1998.

Actually, what prompted me to answer here was the above "answer" by Thomas Shoebotham. From where I live, Italy - and Titanic obviously still playing at theatres - is only an hour away by car, but it would never occur to me to go see it there. I`m sure it must have quite exotic to Kate, but I`ve had my share of seeing synchonized films - and laughing at them - on both Italian and Austrian TV. I believe that sound - and that includes original dialogue and last but not least the characters/actors own voices - is and integral part of the movie.

And, if I may, a question to Thomas Shoebotham, whose commentaries on this site I have read with delight, especially in the "novelization" nad "movie fame" departments - - - would you watch it synchronized ?

-- Barbara Matul (, July 13, 1998.


I think watching a dubbed version of "Titanic" would be amusing for about five minutes. After that, I think I would get pretty bored with the whole thing, especially since I know the real version so well. Seeing it with mangled timing from the dubbed voices would grate on me to the point that I would just try to tune it out.

I must say I'm surprised that they don't just leave it as it is and add sub-titles. For movies in another language that seems to be the best way to go. Every foreign film I've ever enjoyed used subtitles, unless you count my enjoyment of dubbed Japanese moster movies on Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is a special case.

Is every country dubbing "Titanic", or is anyone using subtitles? Does anyone here know?

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, July 13, 1998.


Thank you for your answer.

Of course, not every country is dubbing Titanic (or other movies, for that matter). As far is I know, it is only done in Italy, Austria & Germany and possibly France - in Europe, that is. Everywhere else, subtitles are used and I must say that here Titanic was subtitled quite well. I always claim not to read the subtitles, but during one of my viewings I did check them. The reason was that a couple of days earlier I had seen a couple of Titanic clips on TV and the subtitles were ---- well, let me give you just one example (translated back into English): "Dawson, you almost look like a gentle man". So, provided you know both languages, subtitles can be sometimes quite aggravating (or fun), but in the theatres they are usually quite accurate.

-- Barbara Matul (, July 14, 1998.

I have come to the same conclusion that Barbara did as to which countries subtitle, with the possible exception of France, where a friend did see it subtitled. France may be one of the countries which offers both dubbed and subtitled versions. I was told in the smaller towns (where I guess English is less spoken) it is shown dubbed and in bigger cities, subtitled. As for other countries, there were definitely subtitled versions in Russia and Singapore. My guess, though, is that, as in France, there is a dubbed version in Russia (which is the tradition).

-- BobG (, July 15, 1998.

To clear this whole thing up: Yes you are right, Titanic is playing in France, I went to Paris for 2 weeks last summer, I believe that Titanic is not subtitled at all in France, and it is in fact dubbed. Merci beaucoup pour ecrire c'est! A tout a l'heurre!

-- Josh H. (, March 22, 1999.

Kate: Let's talk about the greatness of the movie rather than arguee about where you saw it and it should have subtiltes and such. I loved the movie and thought that the story was so moving that before I saw it I truly did not know anything about the Titainc and now I am a Titaic freak. I even set out the whole day that it sank to watch the movie kind of like a remeberence day. You may think that I'm crazy but I have fallen in love with the Titainc. Please tell me what you thought of the movie.

-- Jenny Soceka (, April 06, 2001.

Josh: It's me Jenny and I love your sense of attitude. Did you enjoy the movie? I can't even explain how moved I was after seeing it. I hope that they bring it back to the theaters again!!!!

-- Jenny Soceka (, April 06, 2001.

date:9-23-02 to Kate,I"ve seen the titanic over and over about 10 times plus I own it on vidio. After seen it a couple of times I went to Barn/Nobles book store and starded reading it allmost every day. I kept on coming back reading it untill I could aford to buy it. I think a person can get a lot more out of a movie if a person will take time to read the book first,I know I`m learning a lot more about everythink that happened in the disaster of the ship even buy watching it on vidio or seeing it at the movies. well time for me to go now by.

-- RON BARKER (spobear @ aol. com/sandra) or-), September 23, 2002.

It`s not true that all european countries are dubbing movies. In fact most of them uses subtitles only. I can list you instantly six european countries that were always using subtitles only - Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and so on. Only few big european countries are doing that because they believe that their languages such as italian, german, french, russian are infact competing with english as world universally spoken languages. They don`t realize,or thay don`t wan`t to realize they are fighting battle that is alredy lost. :)

-- Zoki sa Krsta (, March 07, 2004.

requested sir you have borrow the english vedio.i am reading the your vedio notes but my english soken is very week .i am intrested english spoken.

-- bhuwan kumar bharti (, August 06, 2004.

You were fantastic in the movie. I wish we were friends, so you can tell me how long it toke, what was it like, and more.

-- Ebony Lark Slaughter (, September 20, 2004.

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