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We have recently taken over devalopment of an Access 97 database with a visual basic front end. There are over 30,000 lines of code that we would prefer not to change when we upgrade to SQL Server 6.5. So far our attempts to connect to the pubs database in SQL Server using the OpenDatabase function of DAO 3.5 has allowed us to only view the tabledefs collection but we cannot access any of the fields or querydefs. The connection method we are using is

Set DB = OpenDatabase("Pubs", False, False, & _ "odbc;uid=SA;pwd=;Database=pubs;Driver={SQLServer};SERVER=Server;")

This will connect us but all we can do is iterate though the tabledefs collection and get the name of the active tabledef and other minor properties.

Any advice on this would be greatly appeciated.


Robin Vessey Redgum Technologies

-- Anonymous, July 09, 1998


Re: Connecting to SQL Server 6.5 using DAO


I think you need to use a DSN to make it work.


-- Anonymous, July 10, 1998

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