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Folks--I am working on an article on modeling Southern transfer cabooses. These were built in 1955 then rebuilt again before 1958. I have lots of shots of them in the 1960s and later with the large white block lettering but have no idea how they looked when "new". Did they have the small yellow lettering used on the bay window cabs during that period and what was the location of the name and numbers? Also, was a herald applied and if so where was it put? Thanks--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, July 09, 1998


Larry- I checked the Diesel Era article after I got your email, there are no photos of the transfer cabooses. PS: I had a real problem sending e-mail through your server.[a problem with the address]

-- Don Cooke (, July 09, 1998.

Folks--I finally got an answer to this question. The transfer cabs did indeed hav the small yellow lettering. It was located even with the door on the left side (assuming you're looking at the cab from outside). There was no herald, just the road number and it was located below the roadname pretty much centered in the open space. In other words they looked pretty much like the road cabs. I fgure that the small switcher roadname from the Microscale Southern hood decal set will be about the right height but may require placing the letters on individually to get them to fit.

-- Larry Puckett (, October 27, 1999.

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