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Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 12:39:48 GMT
From: Barbara Warner

Subject: Y2K and agriculture - Looking for research, web sites, insights....

For some reason, my newsreader did not direct me to the FAQs for these newsgroups, so I apologize in advance for any inadverant breaches of agricultural newsgroup etiquette.

I'm working with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, on a research/communications project addressing the Year 2000 bug and agriculture, and would appreciate any input (here in the newsgroups or via email) on the subject. Our Y2K project includes production of a booklet and on-line materials addressing the Y2K bug and its affects on the agricultural industry. Although the project is focusing on the individual farmer or farm manager's perspective, I am intersted in information on the Y2K bug and solutions in all parts of the industry.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for research, contacts, web sites or have any insights to offer? I've already done a couple of web searches, and have found some information, mostly from software companies and government agencies. FYI, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has an excellent overview of Y2K and agriculture on their web site. Any other links or leads would be great -- including information on what your organisation, company or farm is doing and why (or why not). I'm finding that awareness of the issue is pretty high, but actual activity on the solutions is moderate at best in many sectors. Thanks for any input. Feel free to post here or email me directly.

--Barbara Warner,
Y2K Project Co-ordinator
Canadian Federation of Agriculture
(613) 236-3633

--The Year 2000 is 543 days away: Will you be ready?--

-- cynthia (, July 09, 1998

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