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I am very new to model railroading but I am trying to learn. I collect HO scale ACL equipment as well as PRR. In reviewing the H.S. Question and Answer Forum I have noticed several references to the "Prince Books". I assume these are books having to do with ACL/SAL equipment. Could someone give me a little more info on these books? I assume they are no longer available but if they are ( or somebody has one they might part with ) I would be very interested.Could I get the author's full name and the correct title for these books? How about an ISBN number? I would also be interested in any other out of publication ACL related books anyone might have for sale. Thanks in advance for any help. Tom Hughes

-- Tom Hughes (, July 07, 1998


Response to Pronce Books

The term "Prince Books" refers to a number of volumes authored in the 1960's and 70's by Richard E. Prince. He compiled an number of volumes - ten, I believe - on a number of Southeastern roads. The roads covered were: ACL, CofG, GaRR/West Point Route, L&N, NC&StL, N&W, NS (old company), RF&P, SAL, and SouRy.

The books included a thumbnail history including coverage of the predecessor companies, an illustrated steam locomotive roster, coverage of floating equipment (including any affiliated steamboat lines), and a discussion of freight and passenger services offered by the subject company. Several of the books also included coverage of affiliates and connecting lines.

If the books had a wounding flaw, it is that Mr. Prince's history, both mechanical and chronological, stopped at dieselization and there was no discussion of anything following that point.

The books are considered to be out of print, but I have been told that copies of some of the later titles can be purchased from Mr. Prince if approached in just the right manner. I cannot verify this as I do not know how to contact Mr. Prince.

The books can be found at almost any railroad memorabilia show in the South and on most used book sale list.

Hope this helps.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, July 09, 1998.

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