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Hello, I would like to add a "Back" command in my footer, instead of having my customer use the back command on thier browser to get back. Thanks in advance, Bill

-- Bill Ordiway (, July 07, 1998


In S-mart.cgi look for the following code.. ----------------------------- #Print the HTML footer sub print_footer { . . close(FOOTER); --------------------------------- Right after the close(FOOTER), add the following line of code. print "
Back"; This should take the user to the previous page. Tom

-- Tom (, July 07, 1998.

Yikes, looks like the HTML took over.

Barry, could you please correct?

Thanks, Tom

-- Tom (, July 07, 1998.

Tom, Don't worry. You can see your answer if you just View the Source on this page.

-- Bob M (, March 15, 1999.

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