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Twilight wreathes the verdant labyrinth -- Fevered dreams, allowed by friendly stars, of ardent muses green on Absinthe; are swallowed up whole by Night's great yawn. A flourishing bier of hyacinth -- Barbed seeds, nascent blossoms of a scar - Suffering flowers soothed by Nepenthe, all doomed to curl up dead with the dawn.

(A eulogy for al-Carcosa. His laughter remains)

-- ibn Z'ahma (, July 07, 1998



Sometimes a glittering shell of plastic, costume rubbish keeps the burning core alive, protected, vital & invisible. Does the rubbish know? Does it matter? Maybe. But not every person really knows how to be God. Most only know to play the lackey, to swish through sewage and call it revelation. Who can evaporate all the pretenders?


-- Bahadur (, July 09, 1998.

i like that

i liked that . Whatever happened to Shaggy ? i kinda liked the guy

-- Jay Leary (, July 16, 1998.

i like the more gentle eulogy

i liked the more gentle eulogy better . The one about nepenthe and flowers and so on .

i hope Shaggy's stll around though .

-- Jay Leary (, July 17, 1998.

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