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As some of you already know, the CGRHS is developing Central of Georgia model railroad decal sets. We are working from copies of the original Central of Georgia lettering stencils, but we need photos to verify some details concerning dimensional data and reporting marks. We are currently working on 40' boxcars. We have a good number of photos of the Right Way scheme boxcars, both builder's photos and in-service shots. We are in need, however, of photos of the "Compartmentizer" cars and also of the "Streamlined Money Saver Service" cars. If you have photos any photos of these unique cars that we could use, please contact me via e-mail.

-- Allen Tuten (, July 07, 1998


I have a decal set almost tweaked for the 50' cushion under frame car number # 3560. I need the diagrams to build the car. Any help.

Hubert Mask

-- Hubert Mask (, August 10, 2002.

Hi, Allen. The Railway Prototype Encyclopedia is just what the doctor ordered. Volume 3, Page 46, CG 7404, PS-1, Nov., 1953. Caption gives intimate details. Volume 4, page 28, b/w photo of CG 7070, PS-1, April, 1952. Caption says: "The 'STREAMLINED Money-Saver Service' slogan appeared on both sides of the car. Glidden metallic brown sides. Black car cement or paint were applied to the ends, roof, underframe, brake parts and trucks." In script, "Nancy Hanks" and "Man o' War" bracket the CG herald. There are more..........Duke.

-- Duke Barron (, May 10, 2000.

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