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Those of you who did not get the latest newsletter of "Dogbert's New Ruling Class" from Scott Adams missed a funny, and aparently true, story. It comes from the regular section of the newsletter about "inDUHviduals", real people who do things that prove that they are really too stupid to live.

At a cargo port on the east coast, a port official was filling out the required paper work for ships as they arrived and off loaded their wares. In one case, this person did not notice the name of the ship he was writing up, and turned in the form to his boss with the space for the ship's name blank. When his boss told him he needed to get the name, he said, "I don't know what it is." The boss told him, "go out and look on the ship's stern. Write it down, and turn it in. We have to have the name!!" Whereupon the required form came back to the boss's desk half an hour later with the ship's name as BEWARE OF PROPELLER.

Sorry. I was looking at a picture of the Titanic's stern today and couldn't help thinking of the story. Had to share.

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, July 07, 1998


WOW. Dude really IS too stupid to live...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 07, 1998.

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