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What are everyones feelings about wires coming preconnectorized from suppliers? Have you started to see more of this?

-- AR (, July 07, 1998


I think that it takes away from the talent of hookin your own wires the new helpers comin in the trade will do this plug in work and wont get much print reading experience then when put on an antique they will be confused ,,(just my opinon) i dont think it ought to come to plug in stuff we should do our own hooking up your just gonna cheat yourself out of a couple of days pay and your job will finish up quicker ..oh youll look good in the companys eyes for finishin 2 days early,, but wouldnt you rather open that car station a few yrs later or ten yrs later and look at the wires all hooked up and workin and banded up nice and say yep i did that.

just one mans opinoin,, lets hear from the rest of ya too

-- mro (, July 14, 1998.

New helpers

The new equipment in the field is great. Every thing is addressable and adjustable through paramaters. Paramaters do not change, so every thing runs pretty smoothly without adjustments. The thing is I am meeting more and more cocky helpers {I was one too}. I don't care about ther cockyness because I would like to teach them. But after a few months of elevator experiance they think they can troubleshoot because they know how to reset a system and clear errors. Also they believe they are ontop of the elevator industry because they think they can troubleshoot the microprocessor systems...Which are much easier once learned..But a new comer does not believe this..Helpers I am meeting think the elevator industry is like aol. They think they can troubleshoot a microprocrssor system but ask them to check a capacitor and they are dumbfounded. I had words with a helper that knew nothing and he believed the new elevator systems were more complex than older systems. He did not absorb anything I told him...I told him controllers had minimum relays {all input output now}. Parameters do not change {no adjustment}. Dispatching, which is very complicated, is non existant. Communications from car to group is either true or false {communicating or not}. The thing is anybody can reboot a system without troubleshooting anything...................

-- Joe (, July 23, 1998.

new helpers

Hi Joe, Besides being cockey little S.o.b.'s most of these new helpers have no idea of what it was like to a helper 20 years ago. Did you ever try to get one of these guys to pack up your tools or clean them after a job? And you can forget about trying to get them to carry them! They all have this neat little trick of showing up at work with these overnight bags, like they're going on a trip or something! What I've found out that works (sometimes) is getting the sucker a broom and sending him into the nastiest roach infested pit I can find and make sure he brings his little bag with him. After bringing home some a these little crawlers he may decide to show up for work without his luggage.

-- bobby p (, January 08, 2000.


-- jag (, July 27, 1998.

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