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Here's a problem that I'm not so sure of how to fix...

SSL is on the same machine... different domain... different dir structure. Therefore, when the header.html comes in thru the SSL Server it complains about non-secure items (images) and won't display them.

The real problem is that if I move the images to come thru SSL, then every generated page is coming thru SSL and it won't show anything but the header and footer!

Is there a way to cause the cgi to use a secondary set of header/footer files?



-- Scott Medlock (, July 07, 1998


Hi Scott,

I did it this way...

I created a new subroutines to handle printing on the secure server. The new subroutines are called print_header_secure and print_footer_secure. In here I point to the header and footer files on the secure server. Then I went through the script and replaced print_header and print_footer with my new subroutines everywhere the output was running on the secure server.

You should find all the spots quickly.


-- Tom (, July 07, 1998.

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