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I'm getting ready to retire my old Gibson Hummingbird and I'd appreciate some thoughts and opinions on current acoustic/electric guitars. Price is an object but I want the best I can afford; (around $1000.00). Bang for the buck is the idea.

Thanx, Strat

-- Perry Greene (strat@CChat.com), July 06, 1998


First I'll state the obvious, I'm sure you know that an electro-acoustic is quite a big compromise. To keep the deep woody acoustic sound risks all kind of feedback/sympathetic resonance problems when plugged in. Well I think the Yamaha AX range (which starts a lot cheaper than your 1000 dollars) has a great plugged in sound, however the unplugged sound is very thin/tinny. I also like the Takamines, which can sound nice(ish) unplugged but I've had a couple that don't project the bassyness from the bottom E unless you put heavier strings on them. The American made electro-acoustics I've tried tend to swing the compromise towards a good acoustic tone which gets a bit 'boomy' when plugged in, I guess that they're just not rigid enough inside. Also, the greatest strides being made are in the onboard preamps coming from the Orient. The 98 limited edition Takamine has incredible onboard electrics giving some lovely tones. Just lately I heard a nice Tanglewood (this shocked me as they had a bad reputation) that was very cheap for the good quality and nice plugged in tone. Maybe this helps, maybe not. I'd like to hear other people's comments. cheers Bob Ellis

-- Bob Ellis (bellis@sthelns.mernet.org.uk), July 08, 1998.

Try a Seagull. They're hand made in Canada, cheap, and they sound and play as nice as the low end Martins and Taylors. Guitar Player did a review of acoustic electrics under a $1000 a few months ago (April 98) and the Seagull got a really good review. They're kind of hard to find but worth every penny. They start for just under $300 (out the door) for a dreadnaught with a SOLID cedar top. Solid Spruce is about $315. Plus you can get them really tricked out if you wanted to.

-Jay Kahrs Brown Sound Studios 16 Track Analog in North NJ

-- Jay Kahrs (BrownSnd14@aol.com), July 11, 1998.

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