where can I find a match for Southern freight car brown?

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I am currently kitbashing a Southern phosphate tank car, and I'm trying to find a match for Southern's "freight car brown". Does any manufacturer currently mix this color; or was it a generic paint? The second part of my question is there an available decal set for this car?

-- Don Cooke (railhead@sccoast.net), July 06, 1998



I believe that Floquil (Walthers) still makes a paint under the color "SR Freight Car Brown." This is the color that I use when putting together one of Westerfield's SR truss rod box car kits. It may be appropiate or even the same color for more modern cars. Hope this helps. Kenneth

-- Kenneth Selvidge (kenneth.selvidge@gtri.gatech.edu), July 07, 1998.

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