What do you think of Armageddon?

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Iv'e already expressed my disgust at some other web site critics and their comparisons of Armageddon to Titanic. What do you think? The box office has spoken and Armageddon has grossed much less then orginally estimated by Disney,the film is a crashing bore. No other film released this year has been able to even come half way close to Titanics amazing strength. The Sunday matinee at a Orlando theater was very crowded. Did anyone else go see Titanic this holiday weekend?

-- michael pitt (xrrg10b@prodigy.com), July 05, 1998


I don't understand why armageddon is compared to titanic in so many ways. I have heard it be compared because of the love story in both, and the theme songs, but i really don't understand. can anyone explain. i did not get to see titanic this weekend unfortunately because there is no theater even remotely close to here with it playing.

-- Kate (ummmm@none.net), July 05, 1998.

No Way! It was a LOUD movie, that much is the same. It's very similar to Deep Impact though. I give it 60/100, a passing grade ;-)

-- Rose (rose364@earthlink.net), July 05, 1998.

I enjoyed Armageddon; I've seen it twice, so far.

I find it somewhat amusing that critics feel compelled to compare new releases to Titanic, especially those of the "large celestial body on a collision course with Earth" variety.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicShack@yahoo.com), July 10, 1998.

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