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this has been annoying me to death recently: what is a collapsible boat? please help if you can (which i know someone can). thanks. happy fourth!

-- kate (, July 04, 1998


Response to calapsible boat

Hi Kate:

Titanic carried four Engelhardt "collapsible" lifeboats. These were semi-rafts with hard curved bottoms and canvas sides, which were raised and held in place with iron stays if the boat were ever used. The idea behind these was that they could be stored on deck in their collapsed configuration, not requiring as much deck space as a regular lifeboat.

Even though their placement on board was largely an afterthought, the collapsibles played a significant role in the Titanic disaster; it was in collapsible C that Bruce Ismay made his departure from the ship, and it was on the overturned collapsible B that 2nd Officer Lightoller, Jack Thayer, Col. Gracie, Wireless Operator Harold Bride, and a number of other crewmen balanced themselves for three harrowing hours, until they were finally rescued at daybreak by two other lifeboats.


-- Kip Henry (, July 04, 1998.

Response to calapsible boat

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I apprecieate it.

-- kate (, July 05, 1998.

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