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Word from the rumor mill is that Life Like is going to do a GP-7. They are supposed to do versions of the torpedo boats, small fuel tanks, etc. These should be the most accurate Geeps produced to date. I'm encouraging everyone to E-Mail Life Like to do a "Central" paint scheme. LL has ignored the CG for too long. I know that some people are going to say that Atlas has taken care of our "Central" needs, but the Atlas bodies leave a little to be desired. Let's all get together on this and let our voice be known. Then maybe we can get some accurate"Central" cabooses produced, I'm working on this now. Thanks Todd Horton

-- Todd Horton (, July 04, 1998


Todd, I agree. What is Life Like"s E-mail address?

-- Richard Cole (, February 10, 1999.

I will like to see a CG version of GP7 and E7A.

-- david santamans (, July 21, 1998.

I agree with Todd, though for a slightly different reason. I don't mind the Atlas bodies. My problem was that they obviously did their Geeps as a limited run and they were all gone too fast. AND, THEY DIDN'T DO ENOUGH UNDECORATEDS!! This will not be a problem with P2K. Plus, they will run as well as the Atlas units.

-- Marc Burcham (, July 04, 1998.

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