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Did SCL GP9's have four exhaust stacks like their GP7's or only two? If so, how soon after the July 1, 1967 merger did this change occur?

-- Merrill D. Crissey, Sr. (, July 04, 1998


I have seen the GP 9s alot when I have gone down to Florida running on the Orlando to Umatilla branch. I did not really pay any attention to the exaust stacks on the locomotive. I have a custom painted one in HO scale made by Athearn. That is all the information I can give at this moment.

-- Bradford Paulson (, September 28, 2002.

To the best of my memory, the change from two to four stacks happened about 1970. I remember seeing locos done both ways then.

-- Paul Faulk (, May 07, 1999.

I have a photo of SCL 1025 I took in the early 80's and a 4-stack manifold is clearly visible. The same holds true for a shot of 1031 from the late 70's. I don't know when the 4-stack manifolds were added, but these are only a few of the GP-9s I have actually seen.

-- Curt Anderson (, August 11, 1998.

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