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I'm working on a version of S-Mart that has alot of modifications. Like no images for products on the search results but a button for a full screen photo, and, a button that "rips" thru a secondary database and puts out product specifications... Also have written a module for PaymentNET Secure Credit card auths in real time, etc....

Is anybody else doing things like this???

-- Scott D. Medlock (scottm@cosimo.net), July 03, 1998


I have also done many modifications with S-mart. I have also implemented a secondary database that puts out product specs and have done many other things with it. It doesn't even look like the original script anymore!!!!

-- Peter Johannson (peter_johannson@hotmail.com), July 04, 1998.

Our script is now over half our own code. LOOK: http://web-store.net/smart/smart.cgi

Thanks forever to Barry, but life goes on! Maybe we could share code?

Thanks to everyone who ccontributes to the forum, particularly those who have answered MY DUMB QUESTIONS!

-- Gregory Swofford (computer@web-store.net), July 04, 1998.

Take a look at mine, I added DISCOUNTS!


-- Scott Moore (sgm@poboxes.com), July 11, 1998.

How did you implement the discounts???? I have been thinking of doing that very same thing!

-- Scott Medlock (scottm@cosimo.net), July 11, 1998.

Speaking of changes, I have managed to shange the entire script to use external files for everything. I have also managed to make it do multiple column displays so if you wanted a menu down the side and headers and then the data you can. In addition I have made tons of minor changes. It is kind of nice knowing that I am finally getting a grasp on this...since I haven't been working with CGI or Perl very long.

-- William Deniston (bill@pages2go.com), December 30, 1998.

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