Mixing on JBL 4312s (or 11's)

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Though I have a pair of the requisite NS10's, I prefer to record & mix on the 3 way JBL 4312s or 11s. It's been awhile but if I remember correctly they're notorious for giving a response that isn't flat. I think there was a peak or valley in the 200hz region but I could be mistaken. Anyone out there know? Notwithstanding the anomalies of my room, are there any specific cuts or boosts recommended on the final 4312 mix. Obviously, the goal is to get the mix to sound as good elsewhere. (I am familiar with spectrum analyzers & pink noise) Anyone out there mixed on Alesis Monitor 1's? Got 'em cheap. Should I use them for the home stereo instead?! Thanks people!

-- (ppitall@aol.com), July 03, 1998


Hi there.. Working as a sound engineer at Swedish Television where they used to have JBL 44124s all over the place. I was (very much) questening this choice as I find them fare to "week" in the midrange. It gives you an unfair picture of "loudness" sound, which means the mixes coming out will have far to much midrange, no low end and not enough hi end.... (They put an Neuman U87 in front of a person talking with no eq on it and it sounds great in a pair of JBL, but no where else....) I, together with (among others) Alar Suurna (Roxette4s recording engineer) found a Swedish brand "Acuston", built in Stockholm by Thomas Estrvm, who is blind(!!). A fantastic two way midfield speaker that reveals EVERYTHING. When you mix and are about to give up your profession bacause of how it sounds in those speakers, work a little bit moore and then listen to it at any other place....It just becomes better anywhere you listen to it... Now Swedish Television in Malmoe (where I work) have installed in Studio 1, and any day there will be in all other studios and OB vans in SVT, Malmoe! Another short story around those spekares... When they came in to Studio 1 they had to look over the ventilation system in the studio because things no one ever heard on the JBL4s became a huge problem when it now came clear HOW the studio sounded. Besides Acuston we use ATC 20 and Event 20/20 BAS. Both we find very good and far beter than any JBL. Kind regards Mattias Dalin, sound engineer SVT, Malmoe/Sweden

-- Mattias Dalin (mattias.dalin@svt.se), November 09, 1999.

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