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I am currently drafting policy and guidelines for artists in regard to a new temporary public art project at Southgate Arts and Leisure Precinct. We are intending that artists would submit a detailed proposal of their project including preferred site at Southgate etc. Southgate is located on the banks of the Yarra River next to Melbourne's CBD (in Australia). It has a retail complex, mainly known as a fine dining precinct because of our nineteen restaurants, cafes, bars and has a range of quirky shops/galleries etc. We run an annual program of cultural events throughout the year and sponsor five of Melbourne's major arts festivals and host part of their outdoor events. We also create and manage our own events. The public art program is a new addition to this program, providing a 24 hour focus on the arts. Projects will be considered from emerging, mid-career and established artists. It would be great to consider one major project annually by a well-known international artist also. Of course, all dependent on costs!

If anyone would like to make suggestions to assist with the successful establishment of this program, I would very much like to hear from you.

Amelia Bartak, Marketing Coordinator for Cultural Events e-mail to me at Sthgate@ozemail.com

-- Amelia Bartak (sthgate@ozemail.com), July 01, 1998


We are working on a Public Art Project by the river Besrs in barcelona. This area will be the center of the future Barcelona 2004: Universal Forum for Cultures. If we receive more information from you we can develope some ideas and proposals with my PhD Students. I am leading a research and doctorate programme on Public Space and Urban regeneration: Art and Society, and two specific research programmes Waterfronts and Urban Regeneration and Public Art Observatory.

You can find some of our ideas at http://www.ub.es/escult/1.htm

-- Dr. A. Remesar (remesar@trivium.gh.ub.es), November 23, 1998.

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