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I tried using the link to e-mail Annette Gerhardt without success, so this is directed to her in particular. Where can I get Eldon Eadie's writings? Who is he/she? Also, what is your experience with the quality of the gait of these gaited Morgans? Is it truly lateral, or is it more of a foxtrot? Where can I find some of these gaited Morgans - any for sale that you know of - fillies, that is? I contacted Douay Morgans on their Spanish Dancer (filly) for sale, but they didn't seem to know exactly what her gait was, just that is was very strong, and she will be pretty small when grown, probably only 14.1. She looks lovely in the pictures though, and is of the right conformation to blend with the mountain horses. What success has there been in keeping the size of the mountain horses (that is, the larger ones, 15-15.2, while crossing with the Paso Finos? Many of Grace Stuckert's horses were small-sized too, except for those that were full-blooded mountain horses. We are developing a small broodmare herd of clear-eyed horses that gait exceptionally well and have a sweet, although not necessarily, extremely laid-back temperament to cross with good Rocky Mtn. and KY Mtn. studs. Just getting started - only have one filly so far and a 5 yr. old Rocky gelding. The filly is KMSHA (foundation) and is a beautiful clear bay/black mane and tail. She is supposedly from Tennessee parentage but everyone who sees her thinks she's part Paso probably - has a smaller head and daintier facial features than most TWH. Thanks

-- Cathy Eddy (, July 01, 1998

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