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We are planning on purchasing a new pair of active monitors in the near future. Seeking opinions and any feedback for current users out there. Looking to spend $1500 or less. Leaning toward the Event 20/20bas system. Someone mentioned the new KRK V8s. We currently have a set of KRK KROKS, Tannoy 6.5s and a pair of Alesis Monitor Twos which we are selling off (thank God!!!!)

Thanks James Forbes Engineer Vortex Sound Inc.

-- James Forbes (, July 01, 1998


Monitors are really quite a subjective thing, aren't they? The Mackies sound pretty good as well, and so do the Meyers (I forget the model number), but those are brutally expensive and are out of your price range.

-- Ken/Eleven Shadows (, July 02, 1998.

I like the 20/20 Bas better then the Mackie's. The Mackies have more bottom but tend to sound a bit "flabby" with bass heavy materil. They also sound really good, too good if you ask me. I felt as though I would have a hard time judging my mixes on them because bad mixes sound good and great mixes sound excellent. The 20/20's sound more open and controlled to my ear. If I was going to go with an active nearfield system I would get the Bas. Also, they sounded more detailed in the mids whihc is important because that's where the vocals, guitars, pianos etc live.

-Jay Kahrs

Brown Sound Studios

16 Track Analog in North NJ

-- Jay Kahrs (, July 04, 1998.

Hi there You should check out the Dyaudio BM6a or BM15a. They are both fantastic. I prefer the BM6a, but the 15's have more oooomph. Both destroy other"famous" makes.

-- David Morley (, July 14, 1998.

wow, i can't even tell you how happy i've been with the 20/20s. in my last setup i had the salt & peppers upfront and a big blustering 12"/4"/1" setup in lcr. due to space limitations, i decided to just get a single pair of monitors... and after a/b-ing the 1031s vs. the events for about, oh, two days... i decided, yeah, the genesees are tighter... but what would you expect? they're 4x the price.

so the 20/20's are a poor man's genelec. swallow your pride and grab a pair. gotta love technology. those same boxes woulda cost you $4000 in 1992.


-- the artist formerly known as ai3000jfs (, August 06, 1998.

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