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I want to order the Titanic video, but I can't decide if I want the reglar or widescreen version. What do you all suggest?

-- Julie (, July 01, 1998


Get the letterbox type, not the pan and scan. You can order it for 9.99+6.95 S&H from and the tape should be "at your door" on Sept. 1. At least that's they told me. Good luck!

-- Dan Draghici (, July 01, 1998.

Hi Dan and Julie: I would say that a film of this type would probably be better in the letterbox format on the small screen. I have never liked that because I have a 35 inch TV and hated the blank areas at the top and bottom. I watch a movie on AMC from time to time and they sometimes show them in that format. The last one I saw was "Patton" and after a few minutes I really did not notice the "extra space". I think it all boils down to what and how good the material is. In this case, letterbox is the way to go. With the special effects of this film, I really think you would loose much with the other version. At any rate, at that price it would not be a major crisis if you didn't like the format you bought. Buy the other one and give the first one to one of the 2 or 3 people in the world that hasn't seen it yet! I would say that if you have surround sound, make sure it is in pristine condition (tight connections, etc.) and then crank her up and rattle the windows!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, July 02, 1998.

Thanks, Dan and Peter. I have never really liked the blank screen at the top and bottom of letterbox formats either, but I guess you are right about going ahead and buying the letterbox. Since this is my second favorite movie of all time, I wouldn't want anything from the movie to be lost or cut off the screen.

-- Julie (, July 02, 1998.

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