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I want to conduct a developer comparison using 120 format TMAX and three developers. I am proposing to use XTOL, Rodinol and a Formulary product.

Can anyone suggest concentrations of developers which would offer a fair comparison ?

Of the Formulary developers which is recommended BW-2 or DI 13 ?

Thanks, grant

-- Grant A. Thompson (gathompson@bc.sympatico.ca), June 30, 1998


I have no experience with XTOL although I don't think I have ever read anything negative about it, so it is most likely a good product and easy to use. I haven't used the BW-2 either but as for the DI-13, I can not reccomend this developer. I have had serious problems with uneven development when using DI-13. If you want a low contrast developer I would try a pyro developer over the DI-13. As for Rodinal 1:25 and 1:50 are standard mixes.

-- Jeff White (zonie@computer-concepts.com), June 30, 1998.

Xtol vs. Rodinal for T-Max

Xtol, in any dilution, seems to offer more real emulsion speed than Rodinal in any dilution, as well as a finer perceived grain.

I normally use Xtol 1+1 for 35mm and Xtol 1+3 for 120, these choices are primarily result of the capacity of the small tanks I use for processing. I believe the 1+3 dilution increases grain *very slightly*. My tests with Rodinal used the 1+50 dilution.

Frankly, I didn't perceive any difference in real sharpness between T-Max in Rodinal or Xtol, though the T-Max processed in Rodinal was certainly grainier. I've read complaints that Xtol destroys the accutance of TMX, but my experience differs.

In Xtol, I expose TMX @ EI 100, TMY @ EI 400. In Rodinal, I expose TMX @ EI 64, TMY @ EI 320.

Dana K6JQ Dana@Source.Net

-- Dana H. Myers (Dana@Source.Net), July 02, 1998.

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