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Does anyone if and when the American Model Builders Laser kit for the M-3 caboose is going to be out?

Did any other Railroad use the M-3 besides ACL.

-- David Lovette (, June 29, 1998


I have a couple questions about the M3, if anyone can help me. The M3 was built with vertically-grooved siding, which was later replaced with plywood. Were both types painted the same, Black roof/underframe and red sides? Second, the plywood sided cars had a tool box on the left side, with a heavy support to brace it. Did the earlier cars also have the tool box? With the brace? Thanks for your help.

-- Bill Donahue (, March 30, 2000.

I know a few years back that Overland Models made an M-3. Where could you find one today?? Is it already painted in the ACL scheme??

-- David Lovette (, January 19, 1999.

A footnote to a footnote:

I am not the person referenced in the footnote at the railroad club. However, I have built 3 H-3 ACL cabooses in HO so far. If any one would like to scratchbuild one, you can pick my brain. Perhaps, you can do it publicly in this Q & A Forum so others can become, benifit from what I learne

-- Wayne R. Long (, September 28, 1998.


Just a footnote.

About four or five years ago at our meeting in Jax, I visited the Orange Park HO club where I met one of their members who had scratch-built an HO scale M-3 using commercial parts and styrene. I believe he started with a shake-the-box caboose kit, but I don't remember which one.

At the time, it looked very nice, but back then my familiarity with the details of the M-3 was limited. I now own two brass models of the M-3 and so my opinion now might be different.

Anyone wanting to attempt a scratch built might try to contact this person through the Orange Park club. I don't know their address.

Merrill Crissey

-- Merrill D. Crissey, Sr. (, September 27, 1998.

I have been working with AMB for nearly two years on the ACL M3 caboose project. I have even loaned them my Overland brass M3 to assist. AMB is looking at 1999 for the ACL M3 and may offer it in boty the plank board and shet plywood sided versions.

Jim Six

-- Jim Six (, September 27, 1998.

AMB has expressed interest in doing the ACL M-3 and the Society has sent them photos and other information. They will not have any definite plans until they finish up the SAL wood caboose (still due out late this year, the last we heard). Brisk sales of the SAL kit will certainly help persuade them to speed up work on the ACL caboose! A number of ACL affiliates used M-3s or cabooses that were very close, including C&WC, CN&L, V&CS, and Rockingham. RRs that got them through second-hand sales included Chattahoochee Industrial and Valdosta Southern. There could have been others, but these come to mind at the moment.

-- Larry Goolsby (, June 29, 1998.

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