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hi guys,

i'm having problems with the search and list functions; specifically, the program niether lists nor returns entries from the sample file ( -i'm not getting error messages, but rather just the pages generic generated by the header and footer html files.

i'd appreciate any help. thanks, yousif

-- yousif al-uzri (, June 27, 1998


hi again,

i seem to have answered my own question: the problem was that i had the $useadmin variable (in the file smart.cfg) set to 0, and yet was expecting the computer to manipulate the catalohue for me. -sorry about the false alarm :).


-- yousif al-uzri (, June 27, 1998.

I suggest you throw the computer down the stairs and smother it in feces.

Alex Hodgkin

-- Yousif's Master (, May 11, 2001.

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